Best Gift Ideas For Mum This Mother’s Day During Lockdown


Best gift ideas for mum this mother's day during lockdown

Best gift ideas for mum this mother's day during lockdown

Mother's day is such a special time, a day to honour your mother and spend quality time with her; if you can.

Before this "new normal" way of life, our plans for mother's day celebrations would have included going out to restaurants, bars, cafes, a spa visit or a shopping spree to find that perfect gift, however, with changing times, that does not mean appreciating her is cancelled.

You can still do lots of things from home to express your love and bring a smile to her face, it just means thinking a little outside the box.

While it might be lockdown and most places closed, there are still many amazing ways to celebrate Mother's Day.

This post will inspire you with lots of gift ideas that will impress her and even when you have to socially distance yourself, some of the ideas can be easily adapted.

So let's get started with some of these mother's day gift ideas!

Best gift ideas for mother's day:

Spa experience at home

Spa day experience at home

Pamper her with a home beauty salon and spa experience.

Since spas and beauty rooms are closed, you can spend more time with your mum while she enjoys herself at home.

From pedicure and manicure to facemasks and eyebrow grooming, or watch a youtube video and give her a relaxing massage. You could (if she trusts you) even give your mum a little haircut, there is a lot you can do to give her a nice treat.

However, if you can't be with her on this special occasion, then create a luxury gift hamper containing pamper items like a deluxe bubble bath, skin exfoliator and moisturiser, all the things you can think of that will help your mum feel a million dollars.

Alternatively, if you want to splash out, a luxury wellness hamper from the White Company surely wouldn't go a miss!

Personalised 'Best Mum Ever' Book

Is there anything better than your own personal book, all about you and how marvellous you are? How special would you feel to receive such a book that was made especially for you? Now imagine how your mum would feel!

Celebrate your mum with this hilarious and charming personalised book from Wonderbly that dedicates every page to reflect her special qualities and why she means so much to you and is the best mum in the world.

    Gift Service Subscription

    Candle gift subscription

    Have you ever thought of getting her a service subscription?

    Gifting a subscription box can be such a cute idea and one you might not have ever thought of.

    There are many ideas for the service box and you would want to gift a service based on what she likes and enjoys. Some examples include:

    Another idea is to get her a streaming service subscription, with so much content out there finding one that suits her taste should be easy enough. Or If she prefers reading, you can gift her a reading subscription service for audiobooks and ebooks.

    Donate to her favourite charity

    Donate to charity - gift for mum this mothers day

    If your mother tells you that she doesn't need a gift, why not show you care by making a donation to her favourite charity.

    So many people are in need in one way or another, especially as we face these unprecedented times, so donating to a charity on her behalf will definitely make her happy.

    Gift Voucher For her favourite hobby or shop

    Gift voucher - gifts for mum this mothers day

    If you cannot buy a gift right now or are not sure what to get your mum, you should consider getting her a gift voucher.

    Gift vouchers are perfect as she can choose exactly what she wants. They are also easy to get online (but not in the supermarkets if you've tried recently!).

    With most shops closed, entertainment and cultural events and activities cancelled, why not get a voucher for her favourite spa or online retail shop for later use.

    You can even get some gift vouchers that can be redeemed anytime restriction is lifted.

    Some great gift vouchers specifically for your mum include:

    Jewllery Craft gifts to show you care

    Craft jewellery - gifts for mum this mothers day

    Another idea is to make your own collection of craft jewellery items to give. Nothing shows you care more when you have put your heart and soul into a gift you've specially crafted yourself. You could even combine this with a jewellery making session WITH your mother if it's practical to do so.

    Pieces of jewellery are a great gift idea for Mother's Day. With the variety of beautiful gemstones available today, you can select various styles, shapes, colours, and sizes. She will love getting necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, and other wonderful jewellery pieces.

    If you're not that arty yourself, you can order custom-made Mother's Day jewellery, Etsy or Not on the high street have a great collection of personalised necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and much more.

    Imagine the smile on her face when she opens her beautiful new jewellery box on Mother's Day.

    Handmade card and box of chocolates

    Handmade card and box of chocolates - gifts for mum this mothers day

    Chocolates and DIY mothers day cards are great as gifts when you're not sure what else to get.

    Purchase a large box of her favourite chocolate, or even better you could create a hamper of deluxe chocolates and make it extra special by including a framed poem to say how much she means to you.

    Top it off with a beautifully designed card you've created yourself; your mum will be overwhelmed by the thought and time you've put into giving her a bespoke card she can cherish forever.

    so many options and amazon too!

    Even if you can't celebrate 2021 Mother's day with your mother in person, there are many ways to celebrate her and all that she has done for you with a thoughtful mother's day gift.

    You can find thousands of mother related gifts that are unique, affordable, and can be personalised; there are so many different options online.

    Shopping from the comfort of your own home makes mother's day special despite the lockdown.

    If you still need help coming up with gift ideas during this lockdown, Amazon has a 'Mother's Day Gift Guide' where you can find great gift suggestions that will make her feel special on Mother's Day; from normal Mother's gift to custom-made Mother's day gifts, to really practical gifts that say a big "THANK YOU" to the best woman in the world.

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